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An update, of sorts

All right, all right, it’s time I got busy and started blogging. August is a busy time, it always is. The month is the perennial 3:15 Experiment, when a bunch of masochists wake themselves up at 3:15am every day during the month of August and write poetry. I haven’t waken up at 3:15 in a while, but I write at dawn when I wake up. 20 years later, it’s still a fabulous experiment done by people all over the world.

Most recently I was published in an anthology called Bronies: For the Love of Ponies, which I feel I will never live down. (Bronies!) Check it out! Even if you’re not a Brony, (or a Pegasister), there’s a lot of good reading there.

The parade of books from Hydra House has been fairly nonstop. Going to press soon is Cat Rambo’s Near+Far, which is due to be released next month. Oy! So much to do!

And I need copies in time for WorldCon at the end of the month!

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