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Kicking it into gear

Oh look, I have a follower! (Waves at Neyska.)
It’s recently been impressed upon me the importance of maintaining a blog, and so I shall strive to make time in the busy schedule to write something every week.
What’s happening? Norwescon is coming up this weekend, the largest of the Pacific Northwest literary scifi and fantasy cons. Lots of literati celebre in town this weekend. I’m going to try and make Hydra House displayed prominently, if I can. KC Ball will be reading Friday night at 7:00 and will be manning a table in the small press room. KC will also be signing autographs in the autograph room at 2:00 on Saturday. That should be exciting!
In other news, Hydra House announced two new collections to be issued later this year: “Near+Far” by Cat Rambo, and “The Twelve Days of Christmas” by Sandra Odell. It’s kind of weird planning for Christmas at Easter.

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